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Lawn-Boy® 2-Cycle Ashless oil. Engineered to meet Lawn-Boy's high performance engine requirements.
2-Cycle Ashless Oil
All-season oil for 2-cycle engines
Available in three convenient sizes for easy mixing (32:1 ration):

120 mL (4 oz) can - for 3.8 L (1 gal) of gas
240 mL (8 oz) can - for 7.6 L (2 gal) of gas
590 mL (20 oz) bottle - for 18.9 L (5 gal) of gas
What makes Lawn-Boy's 2-Cycle Ashless Oil so special?
A High Performance Ashless Formula
Formulated to withstand the higher operating temperatures in today's 2-cycle engines.
Keeps Engines Cleaner
Special additives clean and prevent engine deposit buildup which helps maintain engine power and engine life.
Easy Mixing
Unique formula allows easy mixing regardless of temperature conditions.
Extended Fuel Life
All in one formula includes fuel stabilizer to extend storage life of fuel for easier starts.
Outstanding Benefits

Reduced engine wear
Reduced carbon build-up & deposits
Helps maintain engine power and peak performance
Increased protection against ring sticking
Increased storage life of your fuel system for more reliable starting
The only oil specially formulated to meet the needs of your Lawn-Boy 2-cycle engine!

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