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Cruise Control: Lawn-Boy Mower Cruise Control
Cruise Control
Maximize Sens-a-Speed™ capabilities by letting you control the mower at up to ten constant speeds.

2-Cycle Ashless Oil: Lawn-Boy 2-Cycle Engine Oil
2-Cycle Ashless Oil

An all-season oil for all 2-cycle engines
Learn why Lawn-Boy 2-cycle oil is the best oil for your mower.
4-Cycle Premium Oil: Lawn-Boy 4-Cycle Engine Oil
4-Cycle Premium Oil

Specially formulated for high temperature engines.
Protects by: cooling, cleaning and sealing internal moving parts.
No additional additives needed.
Rear Bag Kit: Lawn-Boy Lawn Mower Rear Bag
Rear Bag Kit

88 liter capacity (2.5 bushel capacity)
Attaches without tools
Includes bag and chute
Specifically designed for Lawn-Boy mowers
Spark plugs, air filters: Lawn-Boy Spark Plugs & Air Filters
Spark plugs, air filters

Specifically designed for Lawn-Boy 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines
Varies with specific engine
Replacement Bags, Blades, Fuel Caps: Lawn-Boy Replacement Parts
Replacement Bags, Blades, Fuel Caps

Specifically designed for Lawn-Boy mowers
Varies with model
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